Chinese New Year is coming and so is the Year of the Dog!

Our favourite year!

Having a little creative juice just in time to celebrate the year of the doggies, we have designed 7 limited edition Bark A Tree Doggie Ang Paos!

Adding a little uniqueness to the traditional Ang Pao design, let’s bring out a little attention to doggie ears popping up! How cute is that! The material we chose had to be thicker so it isn’t flimsy but firm!

Quickly get yours and support our social enterprise! 3 designs have already sold out!

By the way, it is also the time where most shelters will starting shifting over to the newly built facility opened by AVA to house all pet shelters in Singapore. This project is said to help ease the financial burden that most shelters have facing monthly rental, and for pet shelters get to work more closely together.

It is definitely a big step towards helping the animals of Singapore and we at Bark a Tree Pte. Ltd. are extremely supportive of the move!

As most of us know, shifting takes a lot of time, effort and money. The amount of packing, going through what to bring and what to discard, which friends you can bug to help, which movers would be cheaper and more efficient. The list goes on and on and so do the dollars.
Thus, we have got 3 volunteer designers to come up with a total of 21 Doggie Ang Pao designs for fund-raising and spreading the awareness of adoption!

Our first designer is Kai Design. In his busy working schedule, he manage to find the time to produce 5 doggie designs, inspired by his friends dogs! What’s more, he went the extra mile of making it pun-tistic too!

Kai’s Design for Hope for Animals:

Our second designer is Chynna Ang. Just ending her last year in Poly, she balanced doing her FYP and illustrating out 5 beautiful works of doggie art! Digitally painted and so artistic!

Chynna Ang’s Design for Hope for Animals:
Our last designer is me, Melodee Tan! As Hope For Animals is my pride and joy, I may have went overboard and designed up to 11 designs. Reusing the 7 designs from last year, I asked for inspiration on Facebook and had flooded amount of requests. And that’s how it became 11 designs.

Melodee Tan’s Designs for Hope for Animals:
We try to squeeze as many dog breeds in as possible as we know there are hundreds of doggie breeds. We even took a leap of faith and did a Schnauzer in Grey, and a Singapore Special.

So help us out by sharing the Ang Baos on our Hope For Animals page and let’s aim to have all the doggie Hong Baos sold out before CNY! 70% of all sales proceeds will be contributed to 5 AWGs (Animal Welfare Groups). 

Beneficials: Causes For Animals (CAS), Exclusively Mongrels, Friends of 7 (F7), Oasis Second Chance Animal Shelter (OSCAS), and Uncle Khoe’s K9



PS. Thank you for supporting this great cause in celebration of the Year of the Dog!