Wow has it been a hectic Chinese New Year! Not that we should not have expected it considering it being the Year of the Dog!
On the last weekend before the beginning of Chinese New Year, we were involved in a Valentine’s Fairy Tale on Saturday 10th February 2018, and a FundRaising Car Wash on Sunday! Being a small team of 3, we needed the extra help and we pulled in Hope For Animals!
Saturday came fast and boy were we rushing to bring down all our Locally Designed Ang Paos from both Bark A Tree and Hope For Animals! We also made a friend and shared a booth with Paws Delight!
Bark-a-Tree with Paws Delight at CHIJMES a Valentine’s Fairy Tale
We felt a little odd being a vendor at an event, as compared to our usual job of planning the event, and it was definitely a new experience! As more vendors from the event started coming in, we soon realised that we are surrounded by our friends from Pet Widget, Paws Fur Life, Wholesome Paws, Angie’s Pets and more! Needless to say, they too were surprised that we joined as a vendor!
We had more time to mingle and spoke to each vendor in more detail about their hopes for this year, and they even shared their opinions on our possible future events.
There were many different breeds that came down to the valentine’s day event and it was a plus that some of the doggies are getting married too! Oh yes! You read right! A Valentine’s Fairy Tale at Chijmes has activities which allows you to pair and marry your dogs with the whole outfits, photoshoot and vows! Who were the ones to marry the dogs? Our favourite Emcees, Twins Gone Wrong!!
It was a fun filled day indeed!
Did we mention that we had an event on Sunday as well? Well! Big thanks to Momentum Media and Marketing, they hooked us in to plan a Fund Raising Car Wash together with Carousell and Automoment!
Bark, Wash and Huat Ah!!
It was a rush to plan and push out the event with little preparation time! Pulling in Causes For Animals Singapore (CAS), Exclusively Mongrels and Oasis Second Chance Animal Shelter (OSCAS), we managed to garner help from some of our volunteers too!
Together we managed to wash and raise over $1,600!! We also had Ang Pao Sales of over $400!
We didn’t have much times this round to snap pictures, but thankfully our shelters involved did!
Signing off
Luna. Melodee