What a different take on what  we have done so far! Our usual gigs have always consisted of all types of pets, ranging from Dogs, Cats, Rabbits and birds. This is our first all bunny event and we were so excited!

It was a 2 day event jointly organised with HoneyCombers, at Tanglin Mall! We were engaged to handle the Bunny section that held a Bunny Adoption drive by HRSS (House of Rabbits Society Singapore), and a Bunny Breed exhibition by PS Place (Clarinda Teo).

We took this opportunity to promote adoption and to teach the public on how to interact with bunnies. As Tanglin Mall is usually popular with families and kids, we fenced up the exhibition bunny area that allowed kids to only interact with the bunnies when the owner, PS Place, holds the bunnies up.

Some kids were a little frightened, while some were very friendly. There was also the small few that may have found these bunnies too cute and with the friendly help around to give a gentle reminder and keep a close eye to teach them how to properly pet these bunnies.

There were many enquiries on adoption, and many that are considering fostering too! Fosterers are very much in demand which allows the pet to temporarily have a home, while giving the fosterers a chance to experience what it is like to have a pet. HRSS has many bunnies up for adoption, and they do their screening very diligently which results in almost no returns/abandonment after adoption!

Other activities went on such as a Magic show which all the kids loved, an easter egg hunt around the mall, face painting and more! It was truly a family day out!

Signing off,
Luna. Melodee