Its finally done! After planning our first staycation at Punggol Ranch & our dog day trip, we’ve finally organised our first ever “Barkin Camp” on the 28th – 29th April 2018. Well, the team of Bark A Tree had to came in early and ensure the area is fenced up for the safety of the dogs as well as setting up the tents under the hot Sun. Phew it sure was hot at around 10am that day..

As check in time approached, many of our guests took the time meet each other as well as letting their dogs mingle with each other and making new friends! We’ve always encouraged our participants to get to know each other through events, for all you know, they could turn up being your kakis for life 😀

After our icebreaking session, we have finally started our first activity of the day! Which was Basic Obedience Training as well as Questions and Answers by Su Lin and Tony from K9 Kampong.

At Bark A Tree & Hope For Animals, We have always believed in nurturing pet owners about pet responsibility, which Su Lin and Tony have also taught all our participants on how to handle their dogs in any case of a situation with meeting unfamiliarised dogs, and even further understanding their own pet/pets. The programme also included, how to get your dog to walk beside you the right way without tugging, as well as learning basic tricks and commands!



Our Campers enjoying their afternoon activity!

Our second programme of the day was Basic Dog First Aid lectured by Dr Francis Tay from Ohana Vet Care and accompanied by Maggie from Dog First Aid, who taught our participants on how to react / perform first aid to dogs who are suffering from air blockage, or choking while eating. To be honest, many of us know how to perform CPR on humans, however for dogs, it is similar however the only difference is that there could be complications if the dog that is suffering could be slightly aggressive therefore Dr Francis, have taught our participants on handling the situation at the correct manner, even I myself learnt a lot from this programme.


Dr Francis Tay from Ohana Vet Care demonstrating on how to perform CPR on a dummy dog


Our last programme for the day was an Essential Oil workshop performed by Nicole from Symphony Scentsations where our participants had hands on learning on how to blend Essential Oil for anti-inflammation, anti-itch and prevention of ticks, which most of us will use nowadays due to it being all natural.


Nicole from Symphony Scentsations demonstrating on mixture of Essential Oils

Our guests got to learn how to mix and match as well!


After a long day of activity and programmes, finally its sunset! Yes its still very warm even till now 🙁


And Finally! Dinner is served Picnic style, catered by Glass Onion. Woahh you guys should really try the food there. Its highly recommended by our guests, it even attract flies from the other side of the park, just kidding, they were pretty annoying haha. Then again everyone truly enjoyed themselves and many new friendship were formed from both humans and dogs alike. 🙂


Last but not least, its time for the most heart breaking part 🙁 farewell! Thank you guys for trusting and supporting Bark A Tree in our first ever Dog Camping experience! We hope to see you guys soon! Cheers.

Signing off,
Dom, Alpha

P.S , I’m still sunburnt till today.