About Us

From the people behind Hope For Animals; Bark-A-Tree Pte. Ltd. was created with the purpose of bridging bonds between owners & their pets, while instilling various skill-sets that aid them in being responsible pet owners.  We are involved extensively in the following:


  1. Design: We design pet related products for consumers, commercial & corporate purposes
  2. Events: We host our own events as well as collaborate, providing event organising services to other organisers and venues
  3. Trips: We plan staycations & day trips for pet owners
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From each and every session; ranging from our Staycations and Day Retreats, we aim for owners to take-home various skill-sets that aid in being a responsible pet owner and also creating a safe environment for their dogs to roam freely, enjoy themselves and make new fur friends without hesitation.


To build a community of responsible pet owners that can influence fellow pet owners, and move towards becoming a more tolerably and pet-friendly country.

What we do

Our primary activities include planning Staycations, Day Retreats and Events for owners & pets. Our activities range from Nutritional Cooking Classes, Basic Grooming to engaging Animal Communicators with the aim of aiding owners to further understand the feelings and thoughts of their fur-kids and many more activities.


Our secondary activity is creating merchandising and products. We craft new ideas into actual products such as our AngPao designs. With an intent to have more creative sprouts of barking ideas, subscribe to us to keep updated!

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